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BoonEx Dolphin

Built-in features 3.333.333.333.333.33
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Latest version :  6.1.6
Platform :  PHP
License type :  Creative Commons
CMS type :  Social community builder

Dolphin Smart Community Builder is universal, flexible, free, open source CMS software that allows you to build any kind of online community, social networking or dating website. It is popular among web designers who want latest in social networking, with an industry standard look and all of the features of the popular online communities. Boonex provides downloadable community-building software for websites. Dolphin is mature software with a superior upgrade history. The experience of the BoonEx development team is also backed by a strong customer community, sharing options, testing beta versions, providing advice and doing research.


Main features

Dolphin’s performance in technology has been outstanding and it outperforms all free and commercial dating, social networking and community scripts in functionality, popularity and public support. Dolphin includes blogs, events, groups, video chat, profiles, friends, boards, media sharing, store, and files sharing BoonEx is primarily driven by “Unite People” mission goals, putting the meaning in front of any rewards. Unity helps in upgrading business discussion, advertisement, extensions trading, jobs and ideas sharing.

Use of flexible and powerful community software and implement brilliant ideas in real life is the motto of Boonex. Boonex makes it easy to deploy and manage dating sites, social networks, online clubs, or virtual communities. They give Complete Control, Freedom and Flexibility. Dolphin is independent and includes a huge pack of features, including a pen-source media server, so you don’t have to pay 3rd party software providers. Dolphin is re-brandable, so it makes easy to display your own copyrights and logos on the site. You are free to change design, texts, and build pages the way you need or even re-organize the navigation menu. Dolphin includes features with multiple templates and languages.

The latest version of dolphin has included a lot additional features in it like improved and enhanced builders i.e. Field Builder and Page Builder. Then there are features like shared photo, video, music, and permanent links for articles, blogs, news, classified, improved scalability and speed.

There are numerous general features included in dolphin like 100% open source, blogs with lots of option like photo upload, creating own different categories, permission, ability to sort member menu and groups, the ability to approve as many one want profiles simultaneously. A/V files recording and sharing converting any video format. Dolphin, Community Management Systems is widely adopted by the world. BoonEx is a source for extensions, templates and language packs, as well as a job-ordering and advertising platform.                  


Growth of BoonEx is in many ways defined by right time, right people and right unlimited ideas gathered together in right place. Constant collaboration and improvement has made BoonEx permanently reach the higher levels for its projects and products. This has highly motivated the BoonEx Community to achieve dynamic and stable growth now and in the future. Boonex is heading straight towards global recognition and success. Andrew Boonis is General Director and Co-Founder of Boonex.

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3 Customer Reviews

  • Installation33333
    Built-in features 55555
    Security management33333
    Editorial Features55555
    Themes & templates33333
    Plugins & extensions33333
    SEO friendliness33333
    Multilingual support33333
    Ease of use55555
    Support community33333

    One word, FREE. Aside from this being free, it is easy to use and easy to customize as well. There are other un-official sites that have various mods and templates for BoonEx Dolphin. Some cms systems come and go but trust me, this one will remain and will continue to spread once word gets spread around the internet. I love it!

  • Installation33333
    Built-in features 44444
    Security management22222
    Editorial Features44444
    Themes & templates33333
    Plugins & extensions44444
    SEO friendliness33333
    Multilingual support33333
    Ease of use33333
    Support community33333

    I have been testing dolphin for about 2 months. It has major issues from the business model up. Instead of fixing it, they keep adding stuff that doesn’t work either.

    I would start listing specifics, but it would be a 10 page post. I don’t plan on using it. It did help me in terms of telling my programmer what to do with our cms so it will do what I need in terms of a social networking site.use of ajax is very good in dolphin. but it has cc-gpl etc which hints that some bugs have been left out deliberately. not suitable for production website but it a open source with many good feature,which needs to be added in open source social networking, in long term it will become stable but not like joomla etc because of half harted attemt to make it GPL.

    So, don’t plan on deploying it on a production site or you will be completely screwed. You have been warned lol.

    I may install the latest patch which is …x03 for amusement purposes but it still doesn’t work out of the box. It is riddled with logic errors… Imagine 5000 people screaming about stuff and having 3 people to address the issues. That’s what you are in store for.

  • Installation11111
    Built-in features 11111
    Security management11111
    Editorial Features11111
    Themes & templates11111
    Plugins & extensions11111
    SEO friendliness11111
    Multilingual support11111
    Ease of use11111
    Support community11111

    Boonex Dolphin Scam Script is the most ugly and terrible piece of code I’ve ever seen!!! Try to digg in the code, change something substantially – and you’ll see yourself that it has architecture that is impossible to deploy. Structured programming mixed with OOP that violates all normal rules of OOAD, ugly and difficult to read style of coding – man I’m so angry and disappointed with it – current project I’m building upon it is late because I HAD TO REIMPLEMENT MOST SOCIAL NETWORKING FEATURES what was done because of tight coupling of code and terrible design in general…>:( Don’t even think of buying it if you plan to change at least something about it substantially. It might work if you plan to stick with it while making minor changes – mostly styles and colors. But everything over that will make you regret…
    I haven’t tried other Boonex products yet (and never will do so!), but DOLPHIN IS THE WORST SCRIPT I’VE EVER SEEN. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND USING OTHER PRODUCTS – there are plenty of them.
    Considering previous post – why someone wants to lie about company whereabouts? There’s no other answer but to fool customers. They say they offer quality product with customer support, which is a big lie. Boonex Scam Script has a lot of complaints all around the web. Try googling Boonex complaints. Report to if you have your own complaint.
    Don’t get fooled – use SocialEngine, JomSocial, Drupal, etc instead. Boonex is a scam.

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Built-in features
Security management
Editorial Features
Themes & templates
Plugins & extensions
SEO friendliness
Multilingual support
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