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Latest version :  5.1.4
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License type :  BSD
CMS type :  web portal   

The DotNetNuke application originally evolved out of the IBuySpy Workshop. The DotNetNuke name is chosen because of its roots in the .NET Framework, the term “nuke,” was used due to its industry-wide association with open source web content management systems. DotNetNuke, an Open Source platform is widely used for building websites based on Microsoft technology, it is written in VB.NET.

DotNetNuke, a web content management system and application development framework is developed as an open source, community-driven project. DotNetNuke has a user community and third-party developer ecosystem and the application’s content management system is extensible and customizable through the use of skins and modules. The term DotNetNuke and DNN are both registered trademarks in the US.      


Main features

This content management system allows users to create and edit content, add features and personalize the site’s look and feel. It can be further expanded with additions of third party modules and can be used with custom graphics and layouts in the form of skins. DotNetNuke uses a three-tier architecture model with a core framework providing support to the extensible modular structure. Using pluggable modules it can enable additional functions with ease. Usage of skins customaries the look and feel of individual sites to anybody needs. DotNetNuke skinning architecture provides a clear separation between design and content, enabling a web designer to develop skins without having any knowledge of development in ASP.NET, only the knowledge of HTML is required for creating DotNetNuke skins.

The many features of DNN include an Easy to Install feature where you can have the DotNetNuke web content management system and application development platform up and running within minutes. Many hosting companies offer DotNetNuke-specific hosting packages, which include the tools and support to make a project set-up even easier. Its Easy to Use feature makes it easy for administrators, content editors, developers, and designers to manage all aspects of their web assets. It’s wizards, content-sensitive help, and a well-researched user interface provides a smooth user experience. The DotNetNuke CMS supports maintaining multiple websites from a single application installation (multi user environment). An unlimited number of websites can be managed by dividing administrative tasks between the host level and individual site, each with its own unique appearance and content. Site hosting, web design, content management, security, and membership options are all easily managed and customized through simple, browser-based tools. DotNetNuke includes a multi-language feature which allows administrators to translate their sites into any language. As it has a lots of international group of hosts and developers working within the DotNetNuke ecosystem, native support is always close at hand. Other features and characteristics include leading-edge, flexible, versatile, user friendly, powerful, multi portal implementation, role based security, skinning, provides flexibility of design, content is editable in-line and searchable, various tools, traffic log reporting, file management, vendor management, comprehensive modules built into the core, content modules, skins and several data providers.

Target Audiences of DotNetNuke are Web hosts & webmasters, Corporate Portal Developers and Individual Users. On off the key success elements besides a comprehensive CMS is that DotNetNuke has benefited a lot from an established and active group of users, developers, system integrators, module vendors, skin vendors, and hosting providers.

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  • Installation44444
    Built-in features 33333
    Security management44444
    Editorial Features44444
    Themes & templates33333
    Plugins & extensions33333
    SEO friendliness33333
    Multilingual support44444
    Ease of use44444
    Support community44444

    This new version is a vast improvement over the previous version I was using which was version 1.0.10. Notably this version has an integrated scheduler provider which allows for tasks to be run in the background at designated intervals. Since this is an open source system you have the advantage of seeing how this code is implemented, such a bonus! The scheduler provider I believe should be implemented in every website I develop simply because this allows for hands free administration of some of the more mundane tasks of keeping a website as fast and efficient as possible. The creators of this content management system also included their architecture reasoning in the DNNDocs which can be located at the same place you can find the source code for this system.

    The advantages of using DotNetNuke in its current form is its open source and hence free nature which allows experienced developers to extend and modify the existing code base to suit their needs. Some may want to use this as a base for an even larger web based application. Also, since this is one of the most popular open source projects on the internet today the community support is outstanding. Also since this demonstrates some of the best practices of developing an n-tier web application any serious web developer can obtain valuable nuggets of information and insight by studying the code and the reasoning behind those decisions.

  • Installation33333
    Built-in features 33333
    Security management22222
    Editorial Features33333
    Themes & templates55555
    Plugins & extensions33333
    SEO friendliness22222
    Multilingual support22222
    Ease of use33333
    Support community22222

    As a graphic designer I found DotNetNuke’s skin editing system to be very helpful in helping me customize my site’s design. The other features are cool to but this aspect just stands out the most to me more than the rest. My web hosting business is taking off and I owe DotNetNuke some credit for that.

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Built-in features
Security management
Editorial Features
Themes & templates
Plugins & extensions
SEO friendliness
Multilingual support
Ease of use
Support community

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