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Latest version :  4.2.0
Platform :  PHP + mySQL
License type :  GNU General  Public License
CMS type :  Web and Blog publishing

eZ Publish is a simple and convenient web based content management system. It is also called as “easy publish” as it helps bloggers and web site owners to easily publish their content online. It is a freely available tool and its enterprise version is also available with maintenance and support. The biggest advantage of using eZ is that it supports development of the web based application. This web based application can be integrated with your web browser very easily. Typical web applications varies from a personalized homepage with rich multimedia content to the tools which are used in business transactions like shopping cart, e-commerce function, role based multi user access and online communities.


Main features

The following features are identifying  and special features of eZ Publish:

It is possible to publish the contents of your website from your browser. It is managed via a web browser and there is no requirement of any local software. For this easy way of publishing eZ Publish uses a rich online text editor. With eZ publish you can upload multiple files at once with out a fuss.

It supports content versioning, multimedia publishing, extensions, user management and access controls, workflows that mean you can publish from open office and Microsoft word etc.

It’s open source software which is available free of cost and the enterprise version comes at a very affordable price coupled with maintenance and Testing

It uses MY SQL which is an efficient lightweight database engine which consumes very less memory and very easy to operate.

With eZ Publish you can easily translate your content to multiple language. Maintaining a single website is far easier then multi lingual. With eZ Publish you just need to change your language and all the content will appear in your language.

Tag clouds, forum, polls etc are built-in features of eZ Publish

You can integrate an eZ Publish search engine for your website to search the content of your website. An elegant solution.

Roadmap & Philosophy

eZ Publish has focused on providing user friendly and convenient CMS. Their new releases come usually between three to six months.

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3 Customer Reviews

  • Installation55555
    Built-in features 44444
    Security management44444
    Editorial Features44444
    Themes & templates44444
    Plugins & extensions44444
    SEO friendliness44444
    Multilingual support44444
    Ease of use44444
    Support community55555

    I’ve only ever heard positive things about ezPublish, which didn’t surprise me as their website looks very professional and I understand they have about 20 developers working for them – I think phpPatterns also runs that software.

    From a framework point of view I downloaded the code about 6 months ago and spent a few hours browsing through it, though must admit I never installed and tested the project. From the start I noticed their class library has around 500 classes and this is not a framework niche I’m interested in

  • Installation55555
    Built-in features 55555
    Security management33333
    Editorial Features55555
    Themes & templates44444
    Plugins & extensions44444
    SEO friendliness33333
    Multilingual support33333
    Ease of use44444
    Support community44444

    With eZ Publish content management system, if it’s not included, it’s a free add-on when it comes to built-in applications. Extensions, as they are called in this system, are many and easily downloadable from the developer’s site.

    This system lets you easily publish content such as files, photos and articles using the Website Toolbar – directly from your web browser. When you log in you will see the toolbar which will give you the option to publish, move, replace or even translate your content.

    There is no HTML coding required when adding content – the rich text editor is WYSIWYG and offers the formatting functions you would see in a word processing app. You can also publish your content right from your word processing program using OpenOffice. This makes it possible for you to create content independent of internet access then upload the document using a client or the front-end of your site.

    We can see why this style of interface might seem foreign to users of Drupal, Joomla! or the like – it looks different and doesn’t behave like a typical “dashboard”. But if what you want in a CMS is flexibility and expandability, eZ Publish really does offer it all as far as the many elements we’ve reviewed here.

  • Installation22222
    Built-in features 44444
    Security management44444
    Editorial Features44444
    Themes & templates33333
    Plugins & extensions33333
    SEO friendliness33333
    Multilingual support33333
    Ease of use11111
    Support community33333

    eZ Publish is one of the best open source CMS solutions available. Plone and OpenCMS are the others, worth looking at.

    This solution is very usable, but like most complex enterprise products it requires a little bit of training, and can’t be picked up in five minutes.

    However, we have implemented this CMS for all kinds of business customers and have never failed to be able to fulfill even the most complex requirements. If you’re looking for a meaty CMS that can handle advanced requirements, with a commercial company to back it up (it’s dual licensed), eZ Publish is seriously worth considering.

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Built-in features
Security management
Editorial Features
Themes & templates
Plugins & extensions
SEO friendliness
Multilingual support
Ease of use
Support community

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