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Built-in features 44444
Security management3.333.333.333.333.33
Editorial Features44444
Themes & templates3.673.673.673.673.67
Plugins & extensions33333
SEO friendliness33333
Multilingual support3.
Ease of use33333
Support community33333
Publisher :  Six Apart
Latest version :  4.2.3
Platform :  Perl, mod perl, FastCGI, PHP
License type :  GNU + GPL
CMS type : Web Log publishing

Movable Type was originally named “Serge” after musician Serge Gainsbourg. Movable Type is a social weblog publishing system which is developed by the company Six Apart. Movable Type is most used and extremely useful for blog platforms, as it supports multiple users, themes, comments and tagging.

Movable Type assists in business marketing and communications. Its robust blog software enables small and medium sized businesses and enterprises to build powerful, interactive sites that extend brand value, create conversations, and solicit valuable customer feedback. It is built to handle multiple blogs/sites or multi user, and each one can have its own unique settings and templates. It helps in publishing content in either entry or page form and adds custom fields in it.


Main features

Being both a commercial and open source CMS you get the advantages and disadvantages of both sides. Using it is pretty safe on a client project as there will be support for it in the future. But in business level its price is much higher. Movable Type has been one of the best CMS or blogging systems available and powers the largest and most influential blogs on the web. People have a common misconception that Movable Type is soley for blogging only. It’s a lightweight content management system which is primarily used for blogging, but that doesn’t stop an enterprise user from tailoring it to his CMS needs.

Movable Type creates blogs, develop websites, manage content, and build social networks, it’s an all in one CMS package. It is scalable, when your site grows and becomes more successful, the platform scales to accommodate the fluctuating traffic needs. It offers optional support for bloggers, online support for businesses, and premium support for enterprise and high-traffic bloggers.

Movable Type main features include member profiles, rating and recommendation tools, threaded commenting, threaded search results, beautiful new professional templates, built-in spam protection and fast content processing like publishing & searching.

Movable Type supports in viewing a summary of blog activity in one glance. Enables to match your blog with existing brand identities and Movable Type makes it easy to upload media assets of all types like images, video, audio and more. It can manage all files and media assets from a single page and uses trackbacks. Furthermore it allows readers to recommend content and add comments, additional you can easily see which comments and content have been recommended when logged in as administrator. Moveable Type social networking feature allows members to create online profiles to some information about themselves and build up connections through your website.

Movable Type has a built-in RSS feed generator which enables visitors to subscribe to your content feed in single click and check your content in a preferred RSS reader. Movable Type accommodates high volumes of content and large amounts of traffic without losing performance. It handles user authentication natively or through external LDAP servers. It enables you to manage users structures with LDAP without creating new accounts. Last but not least Moveable Type has a powerful authentication protection.

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3 Customer Reviews

  • Installation55555
    Built-in features 55555
    Security management55555
    Editorial Features44444
    Themes & templates44444
    Plugins & extensions44444
    SEO friendliness44444
    Multilingual support44444
    Ease of use44444
    Support community44444

    In this category on our side-by-side matrix, “costs extra” means you can upgrade to the Pro or Enterprise accounts for a price that includes a wider array of built-in functionality such as database reports, chat capability, events calendar.

    Otherwise, more than half of our list of built-in items are included in a free account or as free plugins to your MT site.

    Themes are available and they are lovely, but there are few of them. Another main criticism of the MT content management system software is the image uploading is complicated even with a plugin. If you’re planning an image-heavy site, this may not be the best fit for you.

    Some users criticize the way MT publishes – by republishing everything when you make a design change (this is considered �static’). Others consider this a great piece of flexibility – the static publishing means the CMS has an able cache program “out of the box” so if your database server goes down, these static files still work. In reality, MT is capable of static, dynamic and background publishing, with the default set to static. This can be changed.

  • Installation22222
    Built-in features 33333
    Security management33333
    Editorial Features44444
    Themes & templates22222
    Plugins & extensions22222
    SEO friendliness22222
    Multilingual support33333
    Ease of use33333
    Support community22222

    I’m a longtime newspaper editor / oldtime bbs sysop who’s been producing a newsroom website for 10 years. For the last four of them, I’ve been making MT blogs that transition newspaper reporters to live Web publishing.

    We have about 200 bloggers and several dozen active blogs, including a hugely busy breaking news blog with 20 or more posts and many thousands of pageviews a day, many sports blogs and random others.

    My job is to enable more function, and to display the results. I learned DOS, and I’ve learned the Template Tag language over the years — I’m a blogger and an editor, I understand syntax and commands.

    Template Tags are the key to Movable Type. It can do amazing things, but you do need to learn how to describe what you want in an ordered way. Once you get the hang of it, there’s a lot of, “Maybe if I do that… yes!”

    In the trenches of a large news organization, producers don’t usually have many tools; new features require requisitions, priorities reviews, approvals, days. You will get a tool that does only exactly what you request. To change it, go through the process again.

    MT blogs can be quickly created (cloned), changed and repurposed on the fly by nonprogrammers.

  • Installation11111
    Built-in features 44444
    Security management22222
    Editorial Features44444
    Themes & templates55555
    Plugins & extensions33333
    SEO friendliness33333
    Multilingual supportNot Rated
    Ease of use22222
    Support community33333

    Movable Type is decent as far as the way it functions. It has many blog features other systems don’t have plus added social network capabilities. My biggest problem was the install. It was a little difficult to say the least. Overall I am happy with Movable type and especially the themes.

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Built-in features
Security management
Editorial Features
Themes & templates
Plugins & extensions
SEO friendliness
Multilingual support
Ease of use
Support community

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