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PHP Fusion

Built-in features
Security management1.
Editorial Features22222
Themes & templates22222
Plugins & extensions22222
SEO friendliness22222
Multilingual support2.
Ease of use2.
Support community2.
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Latest version :  7.00.05
Platform :  PHP + mySQL
License type :  AGPL
CMS type :  Web and Blog publishing

PHP fusion is a small size content management system which offers a lot of features for website owners. It uses a mysql database to store web site’s content and comes with a simple and comprehensive administration system. The user interface allows developers to easily create common features like polls, shout box, forums, photo galleries and search boxes etc. PHP-Fusion includes features common in many other CMS packages.

It supports a dozen languages besides English which includes Italian, French, and Russian etc. It’s very efficient and easy to implement and decreases the need for developer skills. Fits most common database requirements, it uses mysql which consumes very less memory and is lightweight.


Main features

PHP-fusion is a comprehensive content management system and provides following features;

It provides news, article, photo galleries, forum, web links, download, polls site map etc. This will attract user to your website and you will get a lot of advertisement without much cost.

It gives users the opportunity to expand the standard packages called “infusions”. A lot of infusions are available which can be easily managed, uploaded and installed without a fuss.

It also provides the feature to create the theme in your way and use them on your website accordingly easily. Basically there are 2 files called Theme.php and styles.css, in which most of the theme can be defined and altered

It offers various features like news, articles, personal messages, polls, downloads etc.

Roadmap & Philosophy

The popular version used widely is version 6 which is currently in v6.01.18 and fully stable. In 2008 version 7 released to public and have a lots of feature like spam guard, new theme engine, double Hash login etc.

Developer(s) /Founder(s)

Nick Jones & The Development Team

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4 Customer Reviews

  • Installation11111
    Built-in features 11111
    Security management11111
    Editorial Features11111
    Themes & templates11111
    Plugins & extensions11111
    SEO friendliness11111
    Multilingual support11111
    Ease of use11111
    Support community11111

    *Sigh* Why on earth is this crap still being used! So I went ahead and tried to make a site using PHP Fusion and boy was I disappointed! It simply didn’t work for me. There is too much that needs to be done which defeats the purpose of using a cms. If I had to pin point something specific that I hate the most about this platform, I would have to say EVERYTHING!

  • Installation44444
    Built-in features 22222
    Security management11111
    Editorial Features22222
    Themes & templatesNot Rated
    Plugins & extensionsNot Rated
    SEO friendliness33333
    Multilingual support44444
    Ease of use33333
    Support community55555

    Php-fusion is one of worst CMS i know. It has a lot of exploits and hacks. And people who have them are often anoied because of safety isues. On the other hand the support community and multilingual support are very good. Installation is easy and it’s a bit seo friendly. But after considering all security and safety isues i could say that Php-fusion is only for amateur websites and webmasters.

  • Installation22222
    Built-in features 33333
    Security management22222
    Editorial Features22222
    Themes & templates22222
    Plugins & extensions22222
    SEO friendliness22222
    Multilingual support22222
    Ease of use22222
    Support community22222

    I recently installed fusion on one of my subdomains cause I heard some really nice thing about it. But I was really disappointed. I sticked with it because I was too lazy to install something else but it’s way more weak than other CMS like MkPortal or Dragonfly.
    It’s good thing that the fusions are easy to install but when it comes to organizing it sucks big time. It has absolutely no support for sub-categories.
    To me, it was a huge disappointment. How about for you? Has someone else used it too?

  • Installation33333
    Built-in features 44444
    Security management22222
    Editorial Features33333
    Themes & templates33333
    Plugins & extensions33333
    SEO friendliness22222
    Multilingual support33333
    Ease of use33333
    Support community22222

    Well, I’ve tried phpfusion before, when I was just starting out. But when I tried Wordpress, I felt that it was way better than phpfusion and so I stopped using phpfusion. Still, phpfusion is not a bad choice for a CMS, you should probably try it out to see if you like it.

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Built-in features
Security management
Editorial Features
Themes & templates
Plugins & extensions
SEO friendliness
Multilingual support
Ease of use
Support community

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