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Built-in features
Security management3.
Editorial Features33333
Themes & templates2.
Plugins & extensions2.
SEO friendliness2.
Multilingual support33333
Ease of use2.
Support community33333
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Latest version :  4.0
Platform :  PHP + MySQL
License type :  LGPL
CMS type :  CMS

TikiWiki CMS/Groupware, is an open source  Content Management System  or Groupware web application  enables custom development of websites and portals on the internet and intranets. TikiWiki is free, open source software, licensed under LGPL. TikiWiki can be used as a structured wiki, a collaborative platform, a knowledge base, a blogging or an Internet forum. TikiWiki has multiple features which can be customized. TikiWiki extends customization, interactivity and user experience of the user with special features, themes and skins.


Main features

TikiWiki is developed mainly in PHP with some JavaScript code. It uses database systems, such as MySQL, but through  the ADO db database abstraction layer, it also supports other databases. TikiWiki will runs on most servers supporting PHP and mysql databases.

TikiWiki components also make use of other open source projects, including Zend Framework, Smarty, jQuery, xajax, HTML Purifier, FCKeditor, HawHaw, phpCAS, FeedCreator, PHP Layers Menu, Morcego, and Mapserver. It supports multi-languages with English as default language. . It offers different tools to manage your content, which can be described as;

Basic Management Tools: By using this features administrator can  create,  maintain and display  online-accessible content of all kinds, including text, images, links, video and more.

Data Organization Tools and Navigation Aids: Administrators and users can organize, structure, and present content in a manageable way by using this feature. Easy database access supports you in maintaining your database.

Communication Interface: These features enable administrators and users to communicate with each other, by means of various media, including messaging, voice conversation and data exchange. This features enables you to run a light weight social network features.

Configuration and Administration Tools: These features enable administrators to configure and administer all general settings and aspects of a TikiWiki site.

Wikis and Blogs: By using this feature you can easily access the data, articles and other content from encyclopedia websites like,,, etc

Calendars and Events: This Feature enables you to schedule events on particular date and to do’s as future memo.

Database tracking system:  This feature is helps to administer your database changes and check up which user changed specific content on your TikiWiki installation. You can also grant other user to enable moderator functions.

File and Image Galleries: various downloadable files, images, videos and other kind of content can be stored on your wiki website to enable interaction with your visitors.

Core developers of TikiWiki are Luis Argerich, Eduardo Polidor and Garland Foster

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2 Customer Reviews

  • Installation44444
    Built-in features 55555
    Security management55555
    Editorial Features44444
    Themes & templates33333
    Plugins & extensions33333
    SEO friendliness33333
    Multilingual support44444
    Ease of use44444
    Support community55555

    TikiWiki is open source software — it is written in PHP, uses phpAdmin for mySQL database administration, and uses the Smarty Template Engine.

    Installation – Since our host installed the TikiWiki, I cannot comment on ease of installation.

    While TikiWiki has many features, only the features used on the Spotlight on Lake website will be reviewed.

    Administration – It is hard to determine what some features are and do, such as the Ephemerides feature. Documentation is sadly lacking! The most complete documentation is for Version 1.6, and Version 1.9 is the current release — so many of the newer features do not have any documentation. While there are Forums and a documentation website, the “Search” feature does not work for either site! Many Forum questions are not answered in a timely manner or incorrect information is supplied. Asking a question with IRC chat may also be an exercise in futility or frustration. On the plus side, it is a simple process to turn features on and off by unchecking or checking a box.

    User Rights — It is easy to set user rights to groups or individuals.

    General Preferences – While you can add the site’s title in this section, you cannot add metatag keywords or description. In order to add this information, you will need to modify the “header.tpl” file.

    Theme — If you want to create a custom design or to modify an existing CSS theme, be sure to select the “moreneat” theme. After basing my design on a different style, I was later informed, “The others are buggy at best, use ‘moreneat’ as it’s the most stable CSS template”.

    Home Page — Do not select the “custom home” option. I originally selected this option, and was told “It doesn’t work correctly – don’t use that feature”.

    The Wiki — This section was easy to set up and use. If you have never used a Wiki before there are several items of note: (1) to create a link to a new Wiki page, do not use any spaces in the link text and add double parentheses before and after the link text; (2) use the question mark (”?”) link, to add content to the new Wiki page; (3) with spellchecking, there are times when the Wiki will place a question mark after a business name or word. To avoid this, use double parentheses around the word.

  • Installation11111
    Built-in features 22222
    Security management22222
    Editorial Features22222
    Themes & templates22222
    Plugins & extensions22222
    SEO friendliness22222
    Multilingual support22222
    Ease of use11111
    Support community11111

    This was a waste of a perfectly good Saturday afternoon! I experienced one problem after another to the point where I gave up. I am new to this so take my problems with a grain of salt. I’m sure someone more seasoned will probably have a better experience. I’m going to have to rate TikiWiki pretty low.

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Built-in features
Security management
Editorial Features
Themes & templates
Plugins & extensions
SEO friendliness
Multilingual support
Ease of use
Support community

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